This Young Adult Horror novel didn’t disappoint. I’ve always loved ghost stories, and I’ve always dreamed of sleeping in and exploring a big, strange building together with friends. With ‘HORROSTÖR’ Grady Hendrix finally made that dream … no, NIGHTMARE come into reality! Go to IKEA before you read ‘HORRORSTÖR’, then read the novel, in or with your new creepy furniture. 😉

by Peter




Grady Hendrix



Reading Level:

Advanced Beginner

First Published:

September 23rd 2014

Publisher, this copy:

Quirk Books

Feelings Thermometer:

Excerpt from ‘HORRORSTÖR’

“I’ve never seen a rat in here before,” Amy said. “Basil is going to freak.”
“The plumbing’s not even hooked up,” Ruth Anne said. “That means it was inside the cabinet. And rats are real social animals. Where there’s one, there’s always a dozen.”
Amy shuddered, and they started walking again. The store felt endless, sprawled out around them all silent and secret, branching mazes and warrens full of furniture, like an infinite dollhouse. She tried to speed up, but Ruth Anne kept slowing down.
“Maybe we should go back and check Kitchens again,” she said. “We came through there pretty fast. We might have missed somebody.”
“Let’s just keep going,” Amy said.
They passed into Bedrooms, a vast plain of mattresses ringed with room displays. Ruth Anne stopped at one that showcased the Pykonne Collection.
“What about that closet?” she wispered. “Do you think we should check behind the door?”
“You think someone’s hiding in there?”
The color drained from Ruth Anne’s face.