I really enjoyed reading Hannah Jayne’s ’Truly, Madly, Deadly’. I had a hard time putting the book down, once I started reading it. I needed to know, what had really happened the night Sawyer’s boyfriend was killed. But even though it was a really great book, I still missed being dragged through the entire range of emotions.

by Kathrine


‘Truly, Madly, Deadly’


Hannah Jayne




July 2nd 2013


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Excerpt from ‘Truly, Madly, Deadly’

Sawyer spun her combination lock and yanked the door open, her lips forming a little o of surprise when she did so. Amongst her neatly stacked binders and books was a short, fat envelope in a pale mint green. Her name was printed on it in a handwriting font. She took the envelope and looked over both shoulders; no one milled about, red-faced or smiling, indicating that they had slipped the note in her locker.
She tore the envelope open and pulled out a matching mint green folded card, a tiny plain oak leaf embossed on the bottom. When she opened it, a clipped newspaper article slipped out. Sawyer didn’t have to read the headline to know what it said: “Local High School Student Killed In Car Wreck.” She swallowed down a cry and the note on the card.
It said, simply,
You’re welcome.