Tessa is about to start college, but nothing goes as she planned. She meets Hardin and suddenly her world is turned upside-down. He makes her feel a passion she has never felt before. The book took me on an emotional roller-coaster ride. I built up a love-hate relationship to Hardin, I saw myself in Tessa and these things made me fall in love with ‘After’.

by Kathrine


‘After’ (After #1)


Anna Todd



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October 21st 2014


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Excerpt from ‘After’

“Hardin! Hardin, please open the door!” I yell, one hand banging on the door and one trying to twist the locked doorknob.
“Hardin!” I scream again and the door flies open. I don’t know what made me come to his room of all places, but I would take Hardin’s judgmentalism over the drunk guy trying to have his way with me any day.
“Tess?” Hardin asks, seeming confused. He wipes his eyes with his hand. He is wearing only black boxer briefs, and his hair is jutting out all over his head. Weirdly, I am more surprised by how good he looks than by the fact he called me “Tess” for once instead of “Theresa”.
“Hardin, please can I come in? This guy …” I say and look behind me. Hardin pushes past me and looks down the hall. His eyes meet my stalker, and the creep changes from scary to frightened. He looks at me one more time before turning around and walking back down the hall.
“Do you know him?” My voice is shaky and small.
“Yeah, get inside,” he says and pulls me by my arm into his room. I can’t help but note the way his muscles move under his inked skin as he walks to his bed. His back has no tattoos on it, which is a little strange since his chest, arms, and stomach are covered. He rubs his eyes again. “Are you okay?” His voice is raspier than ever from just being woken up.
“Yeah … yes. I’m sorry for coming here and waking you up. I just didn’t know what – “
“Don’t worry about it.” Hardin’s hand runs through his messy hair and he sighs. “Did he touch you?” he asks, without any trace of sarcasm or humor.