I have never read a book like ‘Panic’. The whole game was build up in a way I never have seen before. It was everything I hoped for and more since it made me feel all kind of emotions and when I first started to read this book, I would not let go of it.

by Stine




Lauren Oliver




March 4th, 2014



Feelings Thermometer:

Excerpt from ‘Panic’

“I’m going to jump,” Heather said, realizing, as she said it, how stupid it sounded – how stupid it was. All of a sudden, she thought she might puke.
I’ll be cheering for you, Heather had said to Natalie. The guilt was there, throbbing alongside the nausea. But Matt’s voice was bigger than everything. Matt’s voice, and underneath it a vision of the water stains above her bed; the dull thud of music from the park; the smell of weed and cigarettes; the sounds of laughter, and later, someone screaming, You dumb piece of…
“You can’t jump,” Nat said, still staring. “I’m jumping.”
“We’ll jump together,” Heather said.