Efter jeg havde læst ‘Divergent’-trilogien færdig, fandt jeg ud af, at Veronica Roth også havde skrevet forhistorien ‘Four’. Fra det øjeblik kredsede mine tanker kun om at få fat i bogen, for jeg måtte bare lære Tobias bedre at kende.

Af Stine


‘Four: A Divergent Story Collection’ (Divergent #0.1 – 0.4)


Veronica Roth




July 8th 2014



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Excerpt from ‘Four: A Divergent Story Collection’

“His hands collide with my chest. I stumble back and hit the dresser. Then he draws his hand back by his face to hit me, and I say, my throat tight with fear, “The Choosing Ceremony, Dad!”

He pauses with his hand raised, and I cower, shrinking back against the dresser, my eyes too blurry to see out of. He usually tries not to bruise my face, especially for days like tomorrow, when so many people will be staring at me, watching me choose.

He lowers his hand, and for a second I think the violence is over, the anger stalled. But then he says, “Fine. Stay here.”

I sag against the dresser. I know better than to think he’ll leave and mull things over and come back apologizing. He never does that.”