I’m sure you’re going to feel uneasy like Lexi in this story, when her 13 year old little sister Kasey starts to act pretty weird in their old house they’ve just moved into. Lexi hopes it’s just the basement, that is horrifying. She’s so wrong. ‘Bad Girls Don’t Die’ isn’t so scary, that you can’t go brush your teeth alone in the bathroom after reading, but it’s pretty damn creepy and really well build up. The series consists of completed stories, and even though this book is easy to read and perfect for young teens with English as their second language, the plot is great and not childish at all.

by Peter


‘Bad Girls Don’t Die’ (Bad Girls Don’t Die #1)


Katie Alender



Reading Level:

Advanced Beginner

First Published:

April 21st 2009

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Feelings Thermometer:

15 year old Alexis isn’t exactly the definition of a happy-go-lucky teen living the times of her life in high school. She’s quite the opposite and rather bitter, because her best friend has been bullied out of school by the cheerleaders.

Lexi herself is also unpopular, but instead of sneaking around the corridors like a scaredy cat, she has decided to confront and deal with any girl who talks shit about her. The best defense is a good offense, so Lexi also grabs any chance to spread bad news in school, whenever any of the cheerleaders makes a mistake in their personal life.

The sensitive little sister acts weird

But the price is high. To accept a life without friends and to constantly look over her shoulder is tough, and things get even worse when Lexi’s vulnerable two years younger sister, Kasey, starts to act more weird than normal.

Kasey hasn’t got a diagnosis, but she’s more sensitive, impatient and moody than any other 13 year old, and she has easy to tears. Lexi tries to protect Kasey the best she can, but she often runs tired, because it’s a huge job and responsibility since their parents are working all the time and let the girls take care of themselves.

Is the house haunted?

When Kasey starts having conversations with her dolls in her room, but denies it afterwards, Lexi admits to herself that something is seriously wrong. Doors starts to close by themselves, and Kasey moves completely silently around and appears out of the blue. Every day the air in their old house becomes darker, heavier and more evil. Lexi knows she needs help, but mom and dad would never believe her.

Are there really something wrong with Kasey or the house, or has Lexi herself been under so much psychological stress lately, that she’s about to loose it? Lexi doesn’t know what she fears most.

Excerpt from ‘Bad Girls Don’t Die’

A thought nagged at me. “Kase,” I said, trying to keep my voice light. “That day … did Mimi try to … do something to one of your dolls?”
My sisters eyebrows furrowed. “I don’t want to talk about it.”
Yeah, well, I did. And I’m the big sister.
Kasey’s eyes lit up.
“Look, time to put the noodles in,” she said, pointing to the pot on the stove.
The water bubbled enthusiastically in a roiling boil.
My hands immediately turned clammy and cold.
“Kasey,” I said, “I didn’t turn the burner on yet.”
Her face went white.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
Kasey stared at the stove, then leaped off the stool and grabbed the pot by its handles. I staggered backward, thinking for a moment that she was going to throw the hot water on me.

An easy but really catchy read

‘Bad girls don’t die’ is an easy read. The line spacing was very wide in my copy, and the vocabulary wasn’t frightening, so if you’re new to English young adult novels, this could be a great start.

But, hang on! Don’t ditch this series, just because the level is suitable for everyone. Remember that Disney cartoons and animations also are ease to understand, but that doesn’t mean the stories are boring and doesn’t entertain grown ups, does it?

And the story in ‘Bad girls don’t die’ wasn’t boring – at all! Actually it’s the most entertaining and catching book I have read for about a year. I really felt the joy of reading coming back, and I have actually missed that for a long time.

Teen dilemmas

Both Alexis, Kasey, their mom and Carter – the boy in the story – were really believable characters, that I felt for. The old house made me feel uneasy and gave me the shivers, and Lexi went through several important and recognizable feelings, especially the ones with Kasey, where Lexi both wanna protect her younger sister at school, but also needs to live her own life. Very relatable to big siblings.

Really creepy, but not horror

The genre is more mystery and young adult, than it’s real horror. But that’s okay because it makes it keep it’s warmth. The slow pace Katie Alender builds things up with, works brilliantly. First you get to know the school, Lexi and the old house, and first then – when you think everything is safe – the creepy situations start happening. That’s just like Stephen King does it.

The best part is, that it is completely impossible to know if all the strange situations happens because of Kasey suffering from some mental sickness, or Lexie herself suffering from mental exhaustion or because there really are ghost in the house.

A great series of completed stories

The plot was great, and even though this is a series, the story also has got an ending, so it isn’t one of those annoying books that just stops in the middle of the most exciting part. It proves that the ‘Bad girls don’t die’ series consists of completed stories, and I am certainly going to read the next book ‘From bad to cursed’.