Five girls, one murder and a whole lot of mystery. The story about Ava, Caitlin, Julie, Mackenzie and Parker who all hate the same guy. Together they come up with the perfect plan to kill him, but when he shows up dead the exact same way they planned it they have to work together to find the real killer before their perfect lives comes crumbling down around them.
When you mix the perfect girls, irresistible boys, plotted murder and secrets you get the perfect Sara Shepard cocktail. The Perfectionists had me at the edge of me seat the entire ride and I never knew what to expect along the way.

by Natacha


‘The Perfectionists’ (The Perfectionists #1)


Sara Shepard



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December 18th, 2012



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Excerpt from ‘The Perfectionists’

They called one another and spoke in heated whispers. They felt terrible, but they were smart girls. Logical girls. Nolan Hotchkiss was gone; the dictator of Beacon Heights High was no more. That meant no more tears. No more bullying. No more living in fear that he’d expose everyone’s awful secrets-somehow, he’d known so many. And anyway, not a single person had seen them go upstairs with Nolan that night-they’d made sure of it. No one would ever connect them to him.

The problem, though, was that someone had seen. Someone knew what they’d done that night, and so much more. And someone was going to make them pay.