After a long, long wait finally the last book in Heroes of Olympus came out. But after finishing the book I felt like it could’ve been so much better and I didn’t get to see a lot of the things I wanted to see. WARNING! This booktube contains spoilers.

by Tris


‘The Blood of Olympus’ (The Heroes of Olympus #5)


Rick Riordan




October 7th 2014



Feelings Thermometer:

Excerpt from ‘The Blood of Olympus’

He remembered Croatia all too well. He’d gone into that situation smug and confident, only to have his feet swept out from under him, literally and emotionally. First Jason Grace had grabbed him and flown him over a wall. Then the god Favonius had dissolved him into wind. And as for that arrogant thug, Cupid …
Nico clenched his sword. Sharing his secret crush hadn’t been the worst of it. Eventually he might have done that, in his own time, in his own way. But being forced to talk about Percy, being bullied and harassed and strong-armed simply for Cupid’s amusement …
Tendrils of darkness were now spreading out from his feet, killing all the weeds between the cobblestones. Nico tried to rein in his anger.