If you are looking for a fast feel-good chick-lit to read here in the holiday, then this story about love, friendship and dreams is the book for you. .

by Coralie


‘Anna and the French Kiss’


Stephanie Perkins



Reading Level:


First published:

December 2nd 2010


Dutton Juvenile

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Anna is send to Paris to spend her senior year at an American boarding school. She isn’t happy about leaving her best friend, little brother and potential boyfriend back in Atlanta. But she doesn’t sulk for long; she quickly meets new friends and the totally hot and unavailable boy Etienne St. Clair.

Je t’aime this cute story

To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting to like ‘Anna and the French Kiss’. It sounded a bit childish to me, and the title didn’t make it better. But after reading the first page I quickly changed my mind. It’s not like this book is groundbreaking literature or anything, but I really did like it. A lot.

A realistic love story

This book actually tells the story it sets out to tell which I was very pleased about. I really hate those books (especially love stories) that skim the surface of the story they’re supposed to tell. The authors are just like: “So these two young people fell passionately in love. The end.” And you’re supposed to believe it.

‘Anna and the French Kiss’ isn’t like that at all; our two characters talk to each other, get to know each other and then they fall in love. The romantic relationship actually develops throughout the book in a realistic way. They have friends, problems and a life you really can relate to. And I really liked Anna in many ways. Even though I like new and different characters, Anna’s familiarity made her really relatable and likeable.

Excerpt from ‘Anna and the French Kiss’

“I spend the rest of lunch in a stall. I miss home so much that it physically hurts. My head throbs, my stomach is nauseous, and it’s all so unfair. I never asked to be sent here. I had my own friends and my own inside jokes and my own stolen kisses. I wish my parents had offered me the choice: “Would you like to spend your senior year in Atlanta or Paris?”
Who knows, maybe I would have picked Paris.

Fast, funny and enjoyable read

‘Anna and the French Kiss’ is really a cute, feel-good teen romance. It has a bit of everything you can ask for in a teen romance – humour, a bit of intrigue and a really sweet and honest guy with a name you alone could fall in love with. Definitely a positively good read. Fast, funny and enjoyable. This book really took me straight to Paris, and I never looked back.

My only problem with this book

Is the title! How can I go tell people that I like a book named ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ at my age? They didn’t even kiss that much. 😉