Sara Crowe’s debut novel ‘Bone Jack’ is about the 14 year old boy, Ash, who is going to be the Stag boy in the annual Stag chase to make his dad, who has just returned from war with post traumatic stress disorder, proud of him. The actual Stag Chase first begins when you have read more than half the book, and that’s a shame because it’s where the most exciting things happens. But it’s also the ending I like so much.

by Katrine, 14


‘Bone Jack’


Sara Crowe



Reading Level:

Advanced Beginner


April 3rd, 2014


Andersen Press
(Random House)

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Andersen Pres

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Excerpt from ‘Bone Jack’

“Come on.”

“Where to?”

“The library,” she said. She smiled. “ Have you ever been to a library?”

He gave her a withering look. “Yes. But not for a long time. Why are we going there?”

“Because maybe we can find out more,” she said. “It’s all ancient, isn’t it? It’s all about history. Bone Jack, the ghost hound boys, the wolf-dog you found … It’s all got something to do with the Stag Chase. I don’t know how it all fits together but there must be some connection…”