“What’s your best YA bargain – ever? And what’s your worst?” (Photo: Penn State, Flickr, Creative Commons license)


My best YA bargain was when I found ‘Crossed’ by Ally Condie on sale. It was only 50 DKK (8 USD) and I thought the book sounded really great, so of course I went straight to the check-out and paid, because it was so cheap.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I got home that I realized the book was a part of a series… and it wasn’t even the first book that I bought, but the second one. So therefore that’s also going to be my worst YA-bargain ever, because I do not think book one sounds as good as book two, so now I have a book on my shelf that I’m probably not going to read.

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My best bargain was when I found ‘White Crow’ by Marcus Sedgwick for 8 Danish kroner (85 pennies). It has been on my TBR for a long time and being able to get a book so cheap was really nice and a rare thing in Denmark.

My worst bargain is a bit harder to find but I think it will be ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green. I only paid £5 for it, but since it definitely isn’t the best book I’ve read then I would’ve preferred to buy another book that costs the same.

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My best bargain was when I found ‘Gone’ by Michael Grant. I read an extract from it and it sounded interesting. I was very happy when I saw it on a fleamarket for only 3 Euros because no bookstore had it when I searched for it.

My worst bargain was definitley the first books from the ‘Vampire Diaries’ series by Lisa J. Smith. I was a bit younger when the TV- Show started and as I found out that their existed books, I searched in the Internet for them. Finally I found them as second-hand books. But it was a big dissapointment as I finished the first four books and I would have preferred to buy any other books instead of them.

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My best YA bargain was definitely ‘The Perfectionists’ by Sara Shepard. It was only 80 DKK (13 USD) which is very inexpensive in Denmark. Even though it took what felt like FOREVER for the book to arrive, it was so worth it!

My worst YA bargain must be my ‘Breaking Dawn’ book. I bought it right after I’ve gotten the other ones, just because I wanted it. I bought it in Danish (it was a long time a go) for 300 DKK (50 USD) and I didn’t even read it right away. When I started reading it, I had already won the ‘Breaking Dawn’ book in a competition and the book was on sale for 150 DKK (25 USD).

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