At a wedding (not her own) Angelas Clark realizes that her boyfriend has betrayed her. She leaves everything and decides to go to New York. She quickly gets a new friend, and all of a sudden she finds herself dating two hot guys, in the best city in the world. I don’t think everyone will like Lindsey Kelk’s first book in the ‘I heart’ series, but if your into chick lit, love ‘Sex and The City’ or similar things, you should definitely give it a go!

by Terese, 14


‘I heart New York’ (I heart #1)


Lindsey Kelk



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June 25th, 2009



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26-year-old Angela Clark catches her boyfriend of ten years cheating on her at her best friend’s wedding.

As that wasn’t bad enough, she finds out that the bride and groom knew about it. After ruining the first dance and breaking the groom’s knockles, she decides to go to New York.

So the day after, she packs only the things she had with her at the wedding and goes to New York without a clue of anything. Fortunately, she quickly gets a new friend, Jenny Lopez, and all of a sudden she finds herself dating two hot guys, in the best city in the world.

Sad about it, but not for long

‘I heart New York’ is clearly a chick lit book. I usually connect the genre with silliness and girly stories. Not only meets the book that, but it’s also funny, and I have to admit that I sometimes laughed out loud.

I absolutely love chick lit. Among other chick lit novels, I’ve read the ‘Shopaholic’ series, and I can see the similarities: For starters, nothing really terrible happens. Angelas first boyfriend cheats on her, and – yes of course – that’s terrible and she is sad about it, but actually not for so long. Only after less than a week, she finds out that she’s actually fine with it and admits that they had drifted apart. So it’s not so terrible after all.

Secondarily, the biggest struggle in the book is which guy and job Angela should choose. But that is just what’s so good about it. Nothing terrible happens! You feel happy while reading it and it isn’t nail biting exciting (well, a little bit about who she chooses). Sometimes it’s great to read fantasy, that leaves you – maybe – a little sad and empty, but other times I just enjoy reading a funny and relaxing book, too.

Unrealistically lucky or unlucky

Another thing about chick lit is, that it can be a little unrealistic. Unrealistically lucky or unlucky. I think Bridgets Jones’ Diary is a great example of the unlucky-part, but in ‘I heart New York’ it’s actually the unrealistically-lucky.

Already on the second day in New York, Angela gets a ‘Best Friend’, a girl who works at the hotel, Angela’s cab driver chose randomly. Also, in less than a week in New York, not only just two guys, but two really hot and successful guys ask Angela out (plus a guy that works at Starbucks, but he’s pretty quickly forgotten. Oh and he’s totally gorgeous — too). Now, as if that wasn’t just lucky enough, she also gets a job-offer right away.

In addition, Angela’s new friend, Jenny, seemed so perfect (she was the hotels kind-of-therapist, but she also gave Angela all these makeovers). And I must admit that I was quite the jealous one when she spent tons of money in MAC, and just all the clothes they bought!

Spent tons of money in MAC

When I first read about Angela’s luck, my thought was, ‘This is just too unrealistic’, but then I thought, ‘Can’t it just be pure luck?’ and I just went to believe that it was.

However, at a point, you alsp get to see that Jenny isn’t so perfect anyway, not in a bad way, it doesn’t change the whole story, but you get to see her insecurities. I think that was great, to see that she has flaws too.

Got some sass from Angela

As for the persons, in an overall picture, I like them. Angela is nice, funny and you can even get some sass from her, but she did annoy me sometimes. Some of the ways she handled things was a bit frustrating, though. Jenny just seems like such a good friend, and actually, I would love to be friends with both of them.

The guys … well, may I just say that I rooted for the right guy through it all. 😉

Excerpt from ‘I heart New York’
I forced myself out of the shower and into the bathroom. For a second my gaze rested on Marks’s wash bag, next to my engagement ring. A lovely leather piece I’d bought him last Christmas. He’s bound to want to come back for that, I thought as I slipped on my earrings, my necklace, it’s full of all his fancy shaving stuff his mum buys him for his birthday. For a moment I thought about filling it with shaving foam, but froze with a flashback as I picked up the can. Him, hunched over that cow, all sweaty and confused. Maybe I should throw it out the window. Then I remembered him smiling at her. Smiling at her, in front of me, in those scummy boxer shorts.

And so I sat on the loo and pissed in the bag. It was the most disgusting thing I’d ever done, and I was so so proud. Once it was nicely ruined, I dropped my engagement ring, zipped up the bag and left the bathroom.

Next stop Hollywood

Overall, I loved ‘I heart New York’. It was a really nice and enjoyable read after I’ve just finished a pretty heavy novel. I loved the way Lindsey Kelk made me connect with the characters, especially Angela, and I could really feel Angela’s love and excitement for New York. I’ve always wanted to go to New York, but this just made my desire so much bigger.

After I read ‘I heart New York’ I had to pick up the next book in the series: ‘I Heart Hollywood’. Even though I had planned to read something completely different, I just needed to see where Angelas adventures brought her next.