15 year old Reed Brennan wins a scholarship to her dream school. When she starts at school she quickly realizes, that not everything is easy. But the she meets the perfect Billings Girls who can make anything easy, as long as you do as they say. While reading ‘Private’ I found myself unable to stop reading. Sometimes you find a book where everything about it is just amazing and you get that feeling, that this is the book. ‘Private’ was exactly that for me, because I was Reed Brennan.

by Natacha


‘Private’ (Private #1)


Kate Brian



Reading Level:

Advanced Beginner


July 1st, 2006


Simon & Schuster

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Excerpt from ‘Private’

I stared across the room at the four girls and the guys who hovered around them, my pulse racing with a new sense of excitement. A few more girls sat down at the other end of their table, every last one of them was beautiful and poised, though to me they seemed second-string compared to the four girls I had seen the night before.
“What about the others?” I asked.
“Eh, they’re in Billings too,” Diana said with a wave of her fork.
So I was right. It was Noelle and her friends who were important. Noelle and her friends who were the most worth knowing.
My heart pounded against my rib cage and I pressed my sweaty palm into the thigh of my jeans. I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted to be at that table right then. If I could just enter that inner sanctum, every door at Easton would open up to me. I would never have to worry about being accepted or fitting in. I would be leaving my own crappy, depressing home life so far behind maybe I could manage to forget it altogether.